Egypt Covid 19 Vaccine Q&A

What is the difference between the COVID-19 vaccines that Egypt has obtained?

Sinopharm vaccine which uses a virus that is still alive to provoke an immune response. However, the virus has been altered and severely weakened so that it causes few, if any symptoms.

The vaccine’s phase 3 trials are still ongoing, but the efficacy rate is reportedly 79.3 percent, reaching up to 86 percent in some trials. It has a 99 percent efficacy in producing antibodies to the novel virus and 100 percent efficacy in preventing cases from showing moderate or severe symptoms

The vaccine is administered in two doses, three weeks apart, and is kept refrigerated at 2-8 degrees Celsius.

AstraZeneca Vaccine, whose mechanism relies on engineering a harmless virus so that it contains the gene for the SARS-COV-2 spike protein.

Phase 3 trials are completed with an efficacy rate of 62 percent.

It is administered in two doses, 4 weeks apart, and refrigerated at 2-8 degrees Celsius.

Pfizer Vaccine is another vaccine that the government is in negotiations to bring into the country.

Data has shown that the vaccine starts working soon after the first dose and has an efficacy rate of 95% seven days after the second dose. It requires two injections given 21 days apart.

Russian Sputnik vaccine The Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA) announced its approval of the emergency use of the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine, making it the third vaccine to be authorized for use in the country.

In September, Russia's Investment Fund (RIF) approved supplying Egypt with 25 million doses of Sputnik via Pharco, which it described as one of the country's leading pharmaceutical groups, Reuters said.

Local reports say that Pharco will start manufacturing the Russian vaccine starting April as per a memorandum of understanding between Biogenix Corporation, an affiliate of Pharco Pharmaceutical Group, and the RIF. In mid-January, the Russian embassy expressed its interest in providing Cairo with the technology needed for manufacturing Sputnik.