Special Investigations Officer, Dubai, UAE

Job description

The ABB Special Investigations Officer, working under the direction of the Region Head, Office of Special Investigations (OSI), will work in a coordinated effort with other ABB Special Investigation Officers, the Legal Counsel Integrity, the OSI Global Hotline Operations Officer, and the ABB Legal and Integrity Group in delivering a wide-range of investigation support on all aspects of conducting investigations at ABB.The position will be based in Dubai, UAE. The Special Investigation Officer, under the authorization of the Region Head , OSI, may independently conduct investigations “in the field” during active investigations, to include interview preparation, research, analysis, interviews of complainants, witnesses, victims and subjects, report writing and other duties as deemed appropriate by the supervisory authority. May participate in the development of OSI policy and procedures. May contribute to the development of new ideas, strategic plans and to assist in the overall operations of the OSI. Participate with professional and law enforcement associations to maintain strong networks and influence company and industry direction in the area of investigation best practices.


The Special Investigation Officer’s duties may include but are not limited to the following:- 1. Develop and maintain a direct working relationship with other ABB Special Investigation Officers, OSI, Legal Counsel Integrity, OSI Global Hotline Operations Officer, Region Head Office of Special Investigations, ABB Global Compliance Office, the ABB Legal Group and other business partners as deemed appropriate. 2. On a global basis, may conduct and manage investigations on behalf of ABB into significant business improprieties, violation of company policies and/or crimes directed against the Corporation. These investigations may include, but are not limited to the following areas: a. Employee Misconduct and Criminal Investigations b. Bribery c. Conflict of Interests d. Controlled Substance Use/Abuse e. Extortion f. Fraud (internal/external) g. Kickbacks and Gratuities h. Proprietary Information Loss i. Theft of Intellectual Property j. Theft of Physical and Monetary Assets k. Threats of Violence and Harassment l. Unauthorized Proprietary Information Disclosures m. Legal and Litigation Support n. Background and Due Diligence Investigations o. Civil and Criminal Litigation Preparation p. Copyright, Patent and Trademark Infringement. 3. May prepare on behalf of the OSI, investigative reports, written work product, communications and/or other legal documents associated with investigations. 4. May coordinate investigations,