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Senior Investigations Manager - HSBC - Egypt

Job description

Job Title Senior Investigations Manager

Location Egypt

About HSBC

HSBC is one of the world’s leading banks, with a network covering 74 countries and territories. Our global reach means we offer many ways for you to develop your career. We offer an inclusive, values-led culture, tailored learning and development programmes and competitive benefits. We have roles in retail, commercial, investment and private banking and a range of operational and functional teams.

Risk Level

High Risk Role Within HSBC certain roles are designated as High Risk Roles. High Risk Roles are those where employee malpractice could lead to significant financial and/or reputational damage through internal fraud, data loss, bribery or the leaking of confidential information. For these roles, all internal and external applicants are required to undergo a range of enhanced security/background checks as part of the pre-employment vetting process. This role has been designated as a High Risk role and any candidate hired into this role would be subject to this vetting. In the event that you are short-listed for this role, further details are available from the HSBC Recruitment team on our enhanced security/background checking processes.

Role Overview

The jobholder is positioned in one of FCTM’s global functions aimed at mitigating the harms associated with financial crime: Investigation. In this role as the Senior Investigator Manager, the jobholder

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Operates within the firm’s investigative programs across regions, and countries related to fraud, anti-money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism, sanctions, anti-bribery and corruption. Ensures the quality and consistency of the investigations and the adequacy of the resourcing across the investigative program.

  • Undertakes Investigations within a programmatic capability to conduct proactive, intelligence-driven investigations, bringing together and drawing upon resources in other investigative functions where the nature of the investigation spans multiple geographies or financial crime types.

  • Communicates information on the most significant and sensitive investigations and related mitigating actions to senior management to support and facilitate a strategic appraisal of the relevant risks. Able to develop strategic capability to mitigate future threats in response to these significant investigations.

  • Identifies and escalates the most significant and sensitive investigations to ensure appropriate prioritization, resourcing, and investigative strategy. Communicates to all key stakeholders the ongoing status of such investigations and the related mitigating actions.

  • Operates within a systemic capability to refer investigative findings and recommendations to other parts of the firm for follow-on action to mitigate the identified financial crime risk, track the response, and ensure appropriate governance.

  • Personally provides the subject matter expertise necessary to inform the work of other parts of FCTM, including but not limited to innovations in analytics, identification of typologies, policies and procedures, the engagement strategy, training, and a potentially more effective and efficient regulatory landscape.

  • Supports the Head of FCTM Egypt in communicating the most significant and sensitive investigations and related mitigating actions to senior management to support and facilitate a strategic appraisal of the relevant risks.

  • Interacts effectively with law enforcement, security and regulatory agencies, and financial intelligence units, in furtherance of public-private partnership, information sharing, and training initiatives, as well as on specific investigations of significance. Fosters good relationships with all of the counterparts in law enforcement, security and regulatory agencies, and financial intelligence units.

  • Establishes seamless, trusting and mutually supportive relationships with the other components of FCTM, FCC and GIIG.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Experience working within a regulatory, investigative, or financial intelligence agency, or as a senior compliance manager within a global firm, in the financial services industry.

  • Detailed experience in mitigating the harms associated with the threat of financial crime at a strategic level

  • An excellent understanding of the current regulatory environment and expectations, relevant regulations, codes, and HSBC Group Standards, as well as their underlying purpose to mitigate risk to the financial system and provide information useful for the public sector to provide law enforcement and security.

  • Some leadership experience and a strategic thinker.

  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills, with experience of dealing with executives at all levels.

  • Ability to develop efficient and effective solutions to complex global issues.

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