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Security Officer - Air Liquide - Egypt

Job description

Entity and activity description

As part of the Air Liquide Group Air Liquide Egypt has the capacity to apply global resources and expertise to local market needs. Air Liquide is today working with many industries overall Egypt and creates high level of trust with the companies supplied by this local and global leader.

Missions and Responsibilities

- Planning and forecasting security activities, using local and international information, to ensure best management of assets and stuff security, give management the proper recommendations at the right time to manage upcoming events - Complete Country Security Plan for our operations in Country - Implement Standard Security Operating Procedures for all sites - Organize and supervise the Meet & Greet and transportation for all travellers - Implement the security induction for ALE personnel and travellers The ALE Security Officer is responsible for safeguarding AL employees and facilities within his purview, whilst promoting the Group Security Policy. His mission is to assess threats and vulnerability, and to propose solutions for reducing any potential risks. In line with the Group Security Policy, and in order to define and organize the protection systems for staff and the Group’s various core assets, the ESM: ➢ defines the Entity’s Security procedures and measures and contributes to their implementation ➢ rolls them out in the Departments and sites in his purview ➢ ensures they are understood and correctly applied, especially during operational security visits on the ground ➢ remains continually informed of the overall situation in the country and local incidents ➢ keeps abreast of Group projects which might affect operations in the country This knowledge, together with the network he maintains, will help him to: ➢ propose suitable support measures ➢ propose solutions tailored to each local situation ➢ ensure a return to normality under optimum conditions Responsibilities: - Management of major crises - Security Reports - ALE sites Security implementation - ALE Expats & Visitors: 1.Manage security for Existing Expats, visitors & foreigners residents in Egypt . 2.Manage Expats residence & its location security. 3.Manage working permits & Visa. 4.Manage company car & drivers assigned to existing expats -Monitoring and facilitation of travel validation

Competencies and Profile

  • Previous Officer in the Armed Forces or the Police, with professional experience. Bachelor degree is required. 5-7 years of experience. Good command of English language. Good Computer Skills. Preferably previous experience in multinational companies

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