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Jobs : Security Senior Manager - Barclays Egypt


Main accountabilities and approximate time split

Accountability: Security

Time split 75 %

• To manage the overall Security operations.

• To provide advice and support to management on issues of physical security, electronic access control, CCTV and other security related resources, review the installation and operation of installed security systems.

• Directly supervise assessment and selection and screening of new branches/premises to ensure security measures are being supported as per global security standards.

• To be part of the selection committee for contracted Security Guards/Supervisors.

Accountability: Investigation

Time split 15%

• To investigate cases of criminal, fraudulent and security related incidents, examining appropriate records and documentation, interviewing all relevant parties internally and externally and reporting findings to BSIS and FM management.

• To utilize available fraud detection systems and tools to undertake data-mining activities to enhance pro-active identification and detection of fraud.

• To produce witness statements and submit case papers to the enforcement agencies to pursue prosecutions against perpetrators.

• To attend court as required.

• Process/ controls evaluation and continuous improvement.

• Maintain effective liaison with enforcement agencies and external fraud investigators within the industry.

• Liaise with other fraud teams to collate and share intelligence as appropriate.

• Support business in disciplinary hearings.

Accountability Business Management

Time split 10 % • To manage all Area Security Supervisors and contracted Security Guards.

Essential/Basic Qualifications

Technical skills / Competencies

• Undercover experience.

• Self-motivated.

• Evidence Gathering.

• Information gathering.

• Investigation Skills.

• Presentation skills

• Training Officers.

• Analyzing information

• Experience in high crime areas

• Target Oriented.


P:Process Management (PM)

P:Analytical Ability (AA)

U:Understanding Operational Risk (UOR)

Knowledge, Expertise and Experience



• Police background not less than 10 years

• Security Equipment knowledge

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