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Jobs: Compliance & Ethics Director, AMENA - Pepsico

The MENA Region Compliance & Ethics Director will be responsible for the development and performance of PepsiCo’s Compliance & Ethics program for the MENA Region, which is the most complex Region, with the largest employee population in AMENA. This position reports directly to the AMENA Chief Compliance & Ethics Officer and is a member of the Global Compliance & Ethics team. Core responsibilities are to promote, monitor and enforce the Global Code of Conduct, manage the Speak Up program and run the Anti-Bribery / Anti-Corruption program (including Third Party Due Diligence) for MENA. The pace and extent of transformation in MENA Continues to be be significant as a result of many macro-economic factors, as well as the implementation of the new PepsiCo Operating Model (POM). The MENA C&E Director will lead the MENA Region Control Environment Council (“CEC”) and as part of this, will be responsible for ensuring that Compliance & Ethics get the appropriate level of support and priority within the business. The MENA C&E Director must be able to articulate both the business benefit and the potential legal/business/reputational risk to, and on behalf of, the CEC and must be able to effectively influence these and other senior leaders, including the MENA President. The MEA C&E Director will be responsible for identifying and responding to significant compliance risks in the MENA Region, including all Potentially Significant Violations (PSVs) of the Global Code of Conduct. The MENA C&E Director must ensure that the PepsiCo Escalation Policy is effectively communicated and adhered to and that all PSVs and Routine Speak Ups are properly investigated, remediated and reported in conformance with legal regulations, internal control and governance requirements. The MEA C&E Director will also be responsible for mitigating legal and reputational risk to PepsiCo by partnering with the Region General Counsel to design and implement an effective anti-bribery / anti-corruption program. This program includes in-person anti-bribery training (both internally and third parties), formal and internal risk assessments, processes to identify and mitigate risks, as well as the implementation of a third party due diligence program. This position must identify opportunities to strengthen the MENA Region’s “compliance and ethics culture.” A key part of the role includes promoting, through training and coordination of senior leadership messaging, a Region culture that is committed to high integrity performance amidst financial pressure to perform. Notably, the MENA Compliance & Ethics Director will need the personal fortitude to bear the formal responsibility and potential exposure, through quarterly representation letters, that the position requires, despite limited resources. In addition, the MENA C&E Director will act as an advisor for the President of the Region on all Compliance & Ethics matters.

Qualifications/RequirementsSkills, Qualifications & Experience

  1. Minimum of 7-10 years of Legal experience. Desirable if he/she also has Compliance & Ethics experience.

  2. The position requires a high commitment on integrity performance being critical that individual possess the internal fortitude and courage to establish and enforce PepsiCo’s standards for highly ethical individual conduct amidst all the pressures to perform and with a genuine interest in Compliance & Ethics.

  3. Confidentiality is a vital component of any compliance employee's job function. The role will regularly expose the employee to sensitive financial, operational and employee information. It is therefore essential that the employee understands its fiduciary duty to treat this information as private & confidential at all times during and after employment.

  4. Ability to clearly and effectively communicate with senior executives and cross-functional set of colleagues within PepsiCo.

  5. Total team player with strong collaboration skills across all levels of employees

  6. Inherent leadership skills and ability to inspire confidence and effectiveness in compliance function and program against a constant in-flow of issues, high exposure on errors, and limited resources.

  7. Legal Scholarship background and qualified lawyer/member of Bar Association.

  8. Demonstration of a ‘can-do’ attitude and willingness to be flexible and take on challenges at busy times.

  9. English and Arabic (Excellent command in English required and Arabic speaking, understanding, reading and writing abilities preferred).

  10. Ability to travel 35% of the time.

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