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Membership rules

This group excludes third party providers, Consultants and those who are not a genuine ‘in-house’ senior security professional.

The membership is exclusive to those who operate in the true sense of Corporate Security. 

As a security professional/practitioner in Egypt you will no doubt be responsible for the welfare of your staff, building(s) and company assets, which is likely to incorporate some of the following responsibilities. 
- Physical Security

- Loss Prevention
- Contingency Planning, Crisis - and Disaster Management
- Business Continuity
- Education and relevant security qualifications
- Improve Standards & help professionalism of the security profession. 

- Information Security

- Cyber Crime 

The group is used mainly for the exchange of views, professional discussions and to be kept aware of change and good practice – plus it would be good to help your fellow members where you can with requests of assistance.

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